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Are your sewer pipes clogged or frozen? Our on-call plumbers are ready to help you with any plumbing problem, from clogged pipes to thawing frozen pipes and repairing leaking pipes.



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Our qualified plumbers can help you with everyday installations as well as with emergency pipe leaks that need to be repaired quickly. All our plumbers have undergone training in the industry and are equipped to deal with difficult situations so our customers are never left in a bind. In case of any kind of pipe damage, don't wait, call a plumber right away. Luckily, a professional can handle the situation quickly and safely. We always take care of our customers from start to finish and offer the best service.

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Local plumber from Helsingborg on site

Who would want to give a plumber directions on the phone when the toilet is blocked or water is running out of the pipe? Our plumbers carry out work all over the Helsingborg area so get in touch with us and we will help. Helsingborg's plumbers can help you in the best case already within 15 minutes. 24 Center's professionals are constantly on the move with service cars around Helsingborg, so they know the Helsingborg area well. With us you get an experienced and competent plumber.

We are happy to serve you around the clock

Your home should be a safe place, and when something breaks, it should be fixed quickly. While we do extensive plumbing work, speed of service is our specialty. When a pipe starts leaking, there is no time to waste. It's important to get a plumber on site as quickly as possible. So react quickly and call our customer service - and you'll get the first instructions on the phone to prevent the damage from spreading. We also remember that a plumber's workplace is always someone's home. That's why we always want to serve our customers as well as possible and with respect for the home.

A lot of knowledge with one call

Plumbing systems are often complex, and repairs and adjustments made in one apartment can also affect the plumbing and drainage systems of other apartments. 24 Center's professionals have extensive experience in versatile plumbing work. If necessary, the same plumber will take care of faucet leaks, pipe cleaning and thawing, leak repairs, moisture measurements, water damage, repair and installation of plumbing equipment, installation, maintenance and repair of heating systems and, for example, repairing a leak in a water heater.

We are with you from start to finish

Are you annoyed by having to contact several installers only to be told they can't take on more work?

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Contact and order

You will receive a link to the tracking page

Our partner accepts the assignment and contacts you

You get real-time information on the progress of the work

Invoicing and feedback

Missions carried out

Leaking water pipes in Norrtälje

It was December and Christmas was approaching. An elderly lady from Norrtälje had already started preparing for Christmas when something unexpected happened. There had been a water leak in the bathroom late at night. It was a matter of urgency. 24 Center answered the call right away. The plumber showed up as agreed. After inspecting the damage, it didn't take long to replace the corroded pipe and the house had water again.

Plumbers quickly on site on Friday evening

It was an afternoon in June when a woman from Ostrobothnia was on her way home from work. It was Friday and time for the weekend. She was thinking about enjoying a lovely summer evening with friends. The woman arrived home, went to the door and into the house. Everything was not as it should be. There was a strange hissing sound coming from downstairs. The woman knew a plumber who lived nearby and tried to call him directly. The phone rang for a long time, until the call went to voicemail. She found the 24 Center number and called it immediately.

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Plumbers Helsingborg

Did your drains get clogged or are your pipes frozen? Our on-call plumbers are ready to help you with all your plumbing needs, from unclogging drains to installing plumbing equipment.

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Frequently asked questions about 24 Center

24 Center is a call center for building technology. We offer help with real estate technology problems. You can get all the help you need regarding building maintenance services, both urgent and non-urgent, with just one phone call.

24 Center Sweden's head office is located at Forsbyvägen 6, Knivsta. From the head office, our customer service serves all of Sweden regarding real estate technical problems.

24 Center makes sure that the customer gets in touch with the right supplier who can be on site at the right time. We believe that getting help when you need it should be hassle-free and fast!

Most repair, maintenance and installation work in a home or condominium, you must own and live in the home during the period that the work is performed to get the rotavdrag deduction. 24 Center helps to apply for rotavdrag deduction and customer service helps you with questions regarding rotavdrag deduction.

Up to 30% of the cost of the work. We can help you apply for the rotavdrag deduction if you are eligible for the rotavdrag deduction.

Typical losses covered by home insurance are water damage caused by broken pipes or equipment connected to them, and fire, smoke and soot damage. The amount of compensation for water damage is affected by the age of the broken device or pipe.

Call anyway. 24 Centers customer service wants to help customers in all emergencies. The call is free of charge and many things can be solved at home with the help of tips based on the experience of the customer service.

24 Center also services less urgent orders. Jobs ordered at least three working days in advance also have a cheaper hourly rate. You can place the order yourself as an online order on our website at

Important tips for pipe work

  • Weekday price (7-15) incl. root is 795 SEK/h (min. 2h) + 790 SEK service car.
  • Day rate (Weekdays 15-07, Saturday until 18) incl. root is 1589 kr/h (min. 2h) + 2670 kr day fee.
  • On-call rate (public holidays) incl. mess is 1862 SEK/h (min. 2h) + 2670 SEK on-call fee.
  • Material fee may apply.
  • You can find all about the prices of 24 Centers services at Prices of services

If there is a blockage in the toilet drain, it is advisable to call a plumber to ensure that no further damage occurs. If the blockage is not deep in the pipes and the other drains in the property are draining, a plumber may be enough. If the blockage is deeper, the plumber's tools may not be enough and a flushing truck may be needed to clear the blockage.

If the floor drain is not draining and water starts to rise from the floor drain, professional help should come and solve the problem. As a first aid, you can check if the drain is blocked by foreign objects (hair, sand etc.).

The best thing would be to order a plumber to the site. If you want to wait for the weather to warm up, there is always a risk that ice in the pipes will cause a burst. A professional plumber will be able to melt frozen pipes safely and check if it has caused more damage and repair any damage.

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